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Double Dynamite
Electric Starter
Double Dynamite ™   

Two Gyro Exercisers connected together with a comfortable grip. With both gyros spinning, it generates twice the force, to give your forearm and wrist the the Ultimate workout. When you've mastered the other Gyro Exercisers Double Dynamite is your next step. Or if you're already having conditioned and well trained muscles in hand, wrist and arm. The power is double, the fun is double the muscle become double trained therefore amazing powerful. In fact Double Dynamite for Profi's only.

Dynamo ™                    dmo.jpg (5191 Byte)

The Gyro Exerciser 30% larger than the Dynabee. Develops up to 36 lbs of gyroscopic force. Builds strength while improving coordination. 

Electric Starter  ™ (USA only)             dbstart.jpg (3273 Byte)

For if you like to start your Gyro Exerciser to be started for you, be surprised of the hand held electric starter. The perfect way of getting your Gyro Exerciser rolling. Recommended at rehabilitation treatments.

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