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Why should I as I’m a football player train muscles in my hands,wrists and arms ?

We could answer shortly with : You don’t have to. Though if you have a look at our site news 03 where as the Law of Motion is written. If you train and workout the rest of your body but you don’t pay attention to hands, wrists and arms there is no harmony at all, and if you want to be successful in sport it is necessary to pay attention to every muscle which will be used as when you’re running you move your arms. For example did you ever think Ice skaters are keen on training hands, wrists and arms, for all you see at first sight the speed on the Ice and the fastest laps are reached with perfectly trained legs. Nein, no we lately heard the best Ice Skater in the world as you probably know the very best come out of Holland training hands, wrists and arms with our Turbo Pro.  

As the Dynabee Gyro Exercisers are a sort of mechanism inside do I have to lubricate my Dynabee once in a year or so ?

No don’t lubricate ever, as the mechanism is completely self contained and impregnated with a lifetime lubricant. To take care of your Gyro Exerciser you also shouldn’t immerse in water. Don’t drop on a hard floor, pavement etc. as it than might break. Avoid getting lint or other inside your Gyro Exerciser.

I'm working at a trade desk and in our company we have the best prevention Repetitive Strain Injuries such as special chairs, keyboards, and other material we work with this should keep me from getting repetitive motion stress, though getting home and watching TV. it occurs that when my hand is resting it sometimes starts shaking like it's a bit out of control, is this what is called the computer disease finally getting me ?

First of all don't use our Gyro Exercisers without consulting a physician first. Second our Gyro Exercisers especially the Therabee, Theragrip and Therabar are great tools for rehabilitation. As those are the newer models we do have physicians all over the world working for years and years successfully with the Dynabee in treatments and rehabilitation. Though nevertheless even if you think it's harmless or you consider your hand is over reacting cause all prevention concerning work is taken than unfortunately you're wrong. As no keyboard or ergonomic chair in the world is training you're muscles or getting them in a good condition, those kind of products are great in making sure you sit the correct way, or type the correct way but they don't do automatically muscle training. And it is still a fact that trained and in good condition muscles are a prevention of getting f.e. repetitive motion stress. Also out of experiences at Play Trend Exclusive we never call repetitive motion stress to be a computer disease as this it was called lot's of times like that in newspapers and other media. Repetitive Strain Injuries is not to be blamed cause of a computer, it's no more and no less than the consequences of making day in day out, year in year out the same movements with your hands, wrists and arms. And these repetitive movements are also made by hairdressers, road-makers, florists etc.etc. as we had lot's of reactions out of several business branches as people called as they read in the newspaper about R.S.I. This was the first time Dynabee was at the cover of a big newspaper as the journalist wanted to know why it was a way of prevention Repetitive Strain Injuries, and what this R.S.I. was like, this in 1994 by that time the word R.S.I. was far over unknown in here. Again do go and see a physician , you're welcome to call us for more information about the Gyro Exercisers which might be of interest for your physician. Best information is here at the internet therefore also your physician is welcome to visit our "Reha Gyro Exercisers" sites.

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