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What is a Gyroscope ( jy-roh-skoph ):

A gyroscope is a solid object that is designed to spin around a central axis. The word Gyroscope derives from the Greek word that means "to view a rotating body" such as the Earth. A spinning toy provides a simple example of a gyroscope. In a toy gyro top, the heavy, rimmed rotor is fixed to an axle. The ends of the axle rest on bearings in a steel ring, or gimbal. Start the top spinning and as long as it continues to spin rapidly, the top will remain balanced on its point end. More important, the direction of the top's spin axis will resist any attempt to change the direction of the axis about which the rotor turns. This basic property results from the top's strong Angular Momentum ( This is the measure of effect of momentum in a rotating system ). This resistance of the gyroscope's spin axis to change in direction is known as gyroscopic inertia and is what provides the exercise benefit found in the DYNABEE Gyroscopic Exercisers.

The rigidity in space of a gyroscope is a consequence of Newton's First law of Motion. Sir Isaac Newton ( 1642 - 1727 ) Mathematician & Physicist out of England. Which states that a body at rest tends to continue in its state of rest or uniform motion unless subject to outside forces. Thus the wheel of a gyroscope, when started spinning, tends to continue to rotate in the same plane about the same axis in space..... 


When a force applied to a gyroscope tends to change the direction of the axis of rotation, the axis will move in direction a right angles to the direction in which the force is applied. This motion is the result of the force produced by the Angular Momentum ( the measure of the effect of momentum in a rotating system ) of the rotating body and the applied force as can be observed through the transparent body of the DYNABEE Gyro Exerciser.



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