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Double Dynamite™  (starter for USA only)

Double the Power double the Fun double the Muscle, this gyro exerciser has one grip with 2 Dynamo's on each end, an amazing powerful gyro exerciser as the both Dynamo are each 30% larger than the original first Dynabee you should be roughly strong trained as well your hands, wrists and arms suppose to be in good condition to handle this one. With a power of double the 8000 RPM you should be ready for it, you have to as there is no wrist strap on it though not easy dropped with a grip in the middle. Nevertheless be ready. Start up your Double Dynamite instructions are enclosed. Now try to keep both Dynamo's going by keeping the rhythm in it than speed it up slowly and try and find out what speed is the best feeling for your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. As you do the Double Dynamite in one hand, have the other hand ready in case the one hand need to take a break. 

Double the Power Double the Fun Double the Muscle with the Double Dynamite.

Improves Performance :

No one who has, or suspects physical handicap or illness should do exercisers with Dynabee Gyro Exercisers , or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician.
Double Dynamite improves performance of hands, wrists, arm, and shoulder also for trained top professional sportspeople. And the ones who are looking for the top.




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