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Turbo Pro™

Turbo Pro ca. 20% bigger than the Dynabee, blue at the outside black at the inside, develops strength and coordination in hands, wrists and arms. Starting same as Dynabee with your thumb or roll it over a mouse pad for further starting information see "Service 01" .Dynabee and Turbo Pro capable of speeds over 8000 RPM , as it's bigger it feels more powerful. Therefore do wear the wrist strap. In case you can't handle the power. 

Turbo Pro the amazing gyro exerciser in sports, business at home or in between. Turbo Pro especially for the more trained users with a good condition in their hands, wrist and arms. Turbo Pro delivered in a blister-package with instructions at the back.


Improves Performance :

Improves performance in many sports fitness, tennis, rock climbing, racquet sports, hockey, baseball, archery, billiards, dart, cycling, and many other sports. Used by many NBA teams, and many other sporters already at the top or reaching for the best performance to get to the top. Also a great tool for just warming up muscles.
Improves performance of many musicians such as drummers, guitarists, violinists, those who play the piano and other kind of musicians. 
No one who has, or suspects physical handicap or illness should do exercisers with Dynabee Gyro Exercisers , or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician.
Small, light weight, easy to use anywhere.




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