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Theragrip the perfect tool for exercising fingers. Muscles are exercised in an isometric manner. Muscles act to counter gyro motion. With a comfortable, non-slip grip attached. The grip allows the user to work the exerciser in a up-down motion which really works out the wrist surrounding muscles. Better leverage is also attained which translates to a faster rotor speed. Motion of the wrist : To maintain or increase the speed or rotation of the Theragrip, the motions in the wrist rotate in the opposite direction. Each of the muscles of the wrist functions as an antagonist, a stabilizer, and an antagonist as the load shifts. The degree of motion of the wrist is inversely proportional to the speed of thrust of Theragrip. At high speeds the wrist is exercised within a range parameter that allows the greatest strength of prehensile position for the hand; the wrist is in mid-position and rotating within 10-15 degrees of flexicon, and extension. Theragrip for wrist and finger exercisers to train power and coordination. 

Improves Performance :

No one who has, or suspects physical handicap or illness should do exercisers with Dynabee Gyro Exercisers , or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician.
TheraGrip aids in the rehabilitation treatment of tendon injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow,  golfer's shoulder and trauma disorders.




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