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Therabar use both hands to feel the power onto your muscles in hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. For Therabar starting instructions see" Service 01".The comfortable non-slip grip attached to both sides of the gyro.This allows the user to work out both wrists and arms at the same time. Better leverage is also attained which translates to a faster rotor speed. The Therabar aids in the rehabilitation treatment of tendon injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's shoulder and trauma disorders. 

 Motion of the Arm, Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle : The muscular action ot the arm, shoulder and shoulder girdle is primarily of stabilization for the activity of the forearm, wrist and hand. The specific demands on the muscle groups in these joints are variable according to the position of the extremity. For example Dynabee is held in the hand pronated, the elbow is extended, the shoulder is abducted and internally rotated and the shoulder girdle is upwardly rotated and abducted. All musculature of these joints are co-contracting for stabilization. However, greater strength demands are placed on the elbow extensors, the shoulder abductors and external rotators, and the shoulder girdle abductors and the rotator cuff muscle groups. The demands are exetremely variable, and can be changed to obtain specific results by positioning the extremity.

Improves Performance :

No one who has, or suspects physical handicap or illness should do exercisers with Dynabee Gyro Exercisers , or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician.
Grips designed for small, arthritic or weak hands.
Develops non-dominant arm.




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